Timelines: Years 5776 and Beyond

This a chronological breakdown of the events in the house campaigns.

Date Season Campaign Events
5777 Rat Weird Dimensions
  • Snigler the Younger, One Eye, Lorinthian of Frisk, Todah Podah, Quen of Ix, and Pitweh the Lanky disappear after entering a strange pyramid in Myseria.
5778 Rat Shipwrecked and Library Clerks
  • A temple to Thorek the Cockroach God opens in Vindstadt.

  • Acquias, Rat Eater, Pawrich, Poyndexter, and Jayjay Junior are marooned after the shipwreck of the Salty Dog near Devil Chicken island. All passengers and crew are lost.

  • Papa Lazano opens the Pasta Palace in Vindstadt.

  • The great library of the Phoenix Sages in Vindstadt is closed for four weeks because of fire.
5780 Rat --
  • Rackthar travels south to Midgrad. He vows deadly vengeance on those who killed his family some time in the near future.

  • Ignome light crystals enter wide circulation.
5781 Rat Bervyn Secret Service
  • The young Duchess of Bervyn is kidnapped by the witches of Lawnoaks. The Duchess' cousin Miliwak becomes the new Duke.

  • Ydegme, Malachi, and Squatting Weasel are framed for treason in Bervyn. Ydegme and Malachi flee to the east. Squatting Weasel is captured and turned into a familiar by the dark magicks of the witches of Lawnoaks.

  • Treremiah Grith the Lesser, Aldermeister of Lakeview in Vindstadt, is kidnapped and imprisoned by Papa Lazano.
5782 Rat Papa's Rabble
  • Papa Lazano is captured by independent Adjudicators and charged with unethical behavior in foreign dimensions.

  • Drakmar the doppleganger poses as Papa Lazano. The Pasta Palace menu changes to roast rat to cater to the new barbarian and killergorilla clientele.

  • Das Guntig Fuchs and Schrechlich protect Aldermeister Slug Grondar from an attack by Dyks thugs disguised as mermen.

  • Vild Kaninchen founds the Big Wind Actor's Studio in Vindstadt.

  • Prince Elgar's indiscretion.
5783 Rat Manticore Keep and Elgar's Crew
  • Prince Elgar thwarts an orcish raid on Vindstadt.

  • Prince Elgar's triumphant travels out west.

  • The actor Vild Kaninchen disappears in a puff of smoke during a performance of Golden Hair and the Troll, where Vild plays the part of the little girl, in Samich, the capitol of Ionia.

  • Dwayne the dwarf, the warrior Beetlebrow, and elves Qonth and Teeba capture Manticore Keep, and find the machine of monster making.

  • Beetlebrow is possessed after putting on the helmet of Xilu; he grabs a horse and rides off into the woods.

  • Rodames the magician, Alistair, Old Dirty Bastard, Funbar the dwarf, and Tara Nightshade join forces with Qonth of Manticore Keep.

  • Teeba dies for the first time, killed alongside Alistair, by skeletons in an underground temple of Drek.
5784 Rat Excide
  • Doink of the Cod Oil Clan, Azme Waxbol, Zunggh the Abberant, Mack the Axe, Thurston Pizzaboy the Third, Onager, Boris Nefilpop, and Nefil Penegrade meet at Bob's in Excide to regain their gambling losses. Azme and Onager are killed. Doink disappears.

  • Elgar begins biological warfare experimentation and clandestinely creates the first cadre of rabid swamp elf border guards.
5785 Rat Blue Beetle
  • Threndor the hawkman, Helriq the Templar, and Starling Oakenbough the half elf rescue Treremiah Grith the Lesser from the basement of Papa Lazano and take him to the Temple of the Blue Beetle.
5786 Rat Wizards
  • Elswitch, Starling Oakenbough, Passelieuh, Khyra the Nymph, Bakan of the Howling Show Kingdom, and Bimro assault the tower of the wizard Oxoxosos in Dania.
5787 Rat Wizards, Elgar, and Nanci's Crew
  • Teeba joins forces with her army of monsters and moves to the undercity.

  • Khyra the nymph, Nature Boy Kraniel Pither, and Two Swords Shivan the half elf solve the mystery of the alchemist's amnesiac in Zarko, Myseria.

  • Prince Elgar defeats the Naga champion in the arena in Zarko, Myseria.

  • Brandt and Patch are thrown into prison for lecherous activities in the stands at the arena in Zarko, Myseria, right beneath the box of the ten year old prince and princess.

  • Nanci the formousi, Liarthra the dark elf, Drek Z'Rek the half orc, and Funbar the dwarf fight unarmed in the arena in Zarko, Myseria to spread the word of Xen. Nanci defeats a nine meter tall giant, Liarthra is knocked unconscious by a two headed ogre, Drek is mangled by a tyrannosaurus rex but regenerates, and Funbar defeats a giant rat.
5788 Rat --
  • King Elgar rips out his own left eye after he is introduced to his four year old half elven son.

  • King Dorial returns to Snarl Swamp. Elgar is banished for of his abuse of power.

  • Elavitra the Baba Yaga of Snarl Swamp foretells the defeat of the elves at the hands of Elgar Zombie King. The high elves prepare magickal barriers to protect their island fortress.
5789 Rat Vindstadt
  • Zunggh the Aberrant, Mack the Axe, and Dwane the Dwarf search the ruins of Squatmouse Tower in search of booty. They fall through a shaft into the Undercity, lose most of their equipment, meet Flameslayer the Bear God, and escape back up through the sewers.
5790 Rat Vindstadt and Elgar's Eye
  • Zunggh wins a haunted manor in a poker game in Vindstadt. He and Liarthra investigate, discover spooks and monsters, and go back to the inn to look for reinforcements.

  • Lalsilan joins Zunggh and Liarthra as they investigate the haunted manor. Zunggh takes a bath, and he is almost eaten by ghouls.

  • Elgar hears rumors of the location of his misplaced eye. He partners with Lalsilan to assault an orc ridden cave. They rescue a dwarf who has heard additional rumors regarding Elgar's eye.

  • Elgar and Lalsilan follow a dwarf into a forgotten dwarven stronghold in search of Elgar's Eye. They free some dwarves and gain another clue as to the location of the eye.

  • Elgar and Lalsilan investigate a witch ridden cave complex in Northern Zonia. The witches tell them to seek to the west.They acquire magickal pearls of great power.
5791 Rat Papa's Progeny
  • Ludmilla Lazano, Liarthra, and Selma Velis free several unicorns and a magickal mirror from the clutches of B.B.Bumble in Bajaca.

  • After fighting dopplegangers sent by B.B.Bumble, Ludmilla Lazano, Liarthra, and Corwin search for Leonardo in Silvia.

  • Ludmilla steals a dwarven spirit to guide her mechanical flying horse. She is cursed by the dwarves of ???.

  • After Ludmilla, Corwin, and Elgar defeat shadow creatures sent by B.B.Bumble, Ludmilla gifts the magickal mirror to the priests of ???

  • Ludmilla's trinkets stop working properly. Ludmilla, Corwin, and Elgar quest for the Beard of ??? to appease the dwarves. Ludmilla acquires the Skull of Rodames.

  • Ludmilla and Elgar petition the Emporer for the services of his top beastmaster to train her unicorns.

  • Ludmilla's Flying Circus is founded in Vindstadt.

  • Ludmilla, Corwin, and Elgar delve into the Undercity in search of Leonardo.
5777 Snake Pinerot Shire
  • Thalamin the carpenter, Spleenripper, Antonia, Emanon, and Sha Foch are sentenced for subversive crimes against the Emperor of Nordstrad and relocated to Pinerot Shire. Also imprisoned are Toeread Smudgeot, Grandad Gramorgan, sword for hire Dotty Richwhale, horsemaster Bartuch Muckraker, Grun Cyclepuss, sergeant Kat Mandu, Barge Wombat, doctor Petunia Tarmaine, madame Korinth Sandleback, his justice Jerocko Goatshave, Victorie Crumbucker, the merchant Mipie Doeface, Struck Fuzzbraine, Ketah Archmaker, sergeant Emir Facingseat, and Quetass Riverunner. They are guarded by a contingent of royal marines and Spleenripper the bounty hunter.

  • Ranke becomes Emperor Destri XXIII of Midgrad.
5778 Snake The World Tunnel
  • Papa Lazano and B. B. Bumble found the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce in Vindstadt.Other members include Mistress Deidre, Horatio Kramtree, Lorna Sinseer, and Blossum the Apothecary.

  • Doink the merman, Khyra the nymph, Krofer the lizardman, and Delkenir the high elf enter Grom-Seamer, the Ignome World Tunnel.
5779 Snake The World Tunnel
  • The Ignome city of Grom Meager is freed from the fungus infestation.

  • Doink, Khyra, Krofer, and Delkinir emerge from the World Tunnel near Vindstat.
5780 Snake --
  • The merman hero Doink leads an unsuccessful raid on the docks of Vindstadt.

  • Haggis Breath Flame Slayer Lazano defeats a Malrog in the Arena of Vindstadt and finds that he can control its flaming whip.

  • Tenesia, backed by the Evil Empire, harasses the southern reaches of Ilnia.
5781 Snake Lizard Khan
  • Beginning of the quest for old heroes

  • Phroboque becomes the new Lizard Khan when he covers himself with dragon dung at the advice of a shaman, sneaks past a dragon, stumbles into the tomb of Pordrew, and emerges with the magickal sword of the Lizard Khan.

  • Rackthar arrives in Vindstadt. He vows vengeance on those who killed his family when he finds the time to travel back north.
5782 Snake Papa's Rabble
  • Drakmar the doppleganger, posing as Haggis Breath Flameslayer Lazano, arrives and frees the Pasta Palace from the rats. The menu changes to weasel burgers and fried potatoes.

  • Mangrob Headthrobber, the great lake pirate, is killed during an unsuccessful attempt to kill the Brewmeister of Schteinberg.

  • Another barbarian fight breaks out at the Pasta Palace.

  • The rabble escort a wizard's child on a trip to see the Duchess of Bervyn, and protect her from ruffians and flying monkeys.
5783 Snake Manticore Keep, Elgar's Crew, and the Aldermeister Party
  • Dwayne masters the machine of monster making.

  • B.B.Bumble gains access to Grog of the Gods, and opens wholesale distribution channels to all paying customers.

  • Prince Elgar returns to Snarl Swamp with Brandt and Patch to begin sorcerous training with master wizard, elven king, and Elgar's father Dorial.

  • Nanci the formousi, Liarthra the dark elf, and Drek Z'Rek the half orc join Qonth of Manticore Keep.

  • Tara Nightshade, disguised as a goblin, takes over the Slug and Glug pub in the undercity of Vindstadt.

  • After an adventure inside an enchanted mirror, Rodames introduces charlobytes to Midgrad.

  • Abeezabud the gremlin, Bakan the hawkman of the Howling Shoe Kingdom, and Lanorinor Moth Maiden the brownie take an assignment to guard the entrances to Deidra's Dungeon of Dark Delights during a late night city council meeting of Aldermeisters in Vindstadt. Each abandons the job for one reason or another, and the party is crashed by the irate wives of the Aldermeisters.
5784 Snake Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
  • Doink the Merman, disguised as Golan Elderberry the Third, Selma Velis, and Phroboque Lizard Khan, disguised as Assinthe Baumkocker, investigate activity at the former temple to the beetle god.

  • The temple of the beetle god reopens in Vindstadt. The priests begin a recruitment campaign by healing the sick and dispensing moneys to the poor. A plague of garden beetles descends on Vidstadt.

  • Doink the Merman, disguised as Golan Elderberry the Third, Selma Velis, and Ratbone Bane of the snake cult recover a magickal jade snake mask from a deserted temple in Snarl Swamp. Selma falls into a deep cavern and disappears.

  • A hordes of garden snakes put an end to the beetle plague.

  • A successful merman raid against the docks of Vindstadt burns down several warehouses.
5785 Snake --
  • Aldermeister Zosaniel Pelhus the Bounder resigns and moves to Bajaca.

  • Treremiah Grith the Lesser regains his position as Aldermeister of Lakeview in Vindstadt.
5786 Snake Wizards and Elgar
  • Elswitch, Starling Oakenbough, Mack the Axe, and Zunggh the Abberant meet outside the babbling ghost infested ruins of the city Dysfunctia in southern Ilnia.

  • Prince Elgar, Brandt, and Patch free the nymphs in the ruins beneath Snarl Swamp.
5787 Snake Elgar, Sconsian
  • Snarlutzok the hobgoblin and Moldank the goblin recover a magickal crown for a shadowy figure in Sconsia.

  • Snarlutzok, Moldank, Gamalam the dwarf, and Bibim Bop investigate a cave below the Retreivers Guild Hall in Schteinberg.

  • Liarthra the dark elf, disenchanted with the life of a Xen monk, clandestinely flees the monastery and joins up with Deuteronomy Jonz of Ix.

  • Elgar meets Tinkledüff, his pixie companion.

  • Prince Elgar announces mandatory registration for all half elves in Snarl Swamp.
5788 Snake Vindstadt
  • Elgar the Banished, his companion Moonsie, Patch the Thief, Brazier Quillion the shilting, Flanders Dimetria the weaselman, and Selma Velis take a job to clean Papa Lazano's basement from a monster infestation. Brazier, Flanders, and Moonsie are killed. Selma turns into a pig.
5789 Snake Vindstadt
  • Liarthra recruits Lalsilan, Selma Velis, Cherry, and Olivia Whiteclaw to assault a goblin keep in the Norvold. Liarthra recovers an enchanted sword.

  • Liarthra, Lalsilan, Selma Velis, Cherry, and Olivia Whiteclaw rescue two children earmarked for lunch by an evil necromancer. Liarthra takes residence in Zombie Inn.
5790 Snake Elgar's Eye
  • The Ring of Elgar and the Ring of Lalsilan are crafted by the Dwarves of Misty Mountain in western Myseria.

  • Elgar, Lalsilan, and Dreg Zarek search for Elgar's eye in a dragon's lair in Bajaca. They are teleported out to the ocean and attacked by pirates. Friendly mermen save their lives but take their magickal rings in return.

  • Bakan the hawkman, Churlish, Boris Nephilpop, and Bimro search a dead wizard's dungeon for any sign of the previous expedition.
5776 Malrog --
  • The Evil Empire of Nordstrad initiates a program of racial cleansing. Nonhumans flee the Empire.

  • Founding of Pinerot Shire internment and rehabilitation camp in the Evil Empire after the entire population of the town mysteriously disappear.
5777 Malrog Pinerot Shire
  • Thalamin Tailman becomes the first Goon of Pinerot Shire and introduces the cheese hat as the Goon's sign of office.

  • Thalamin Tailman the Goon suppresses a cult of ghouls in Pinerot Shire.
5779 Malrog Porkibera Hunt
  • Rumors of a Porkibera hunt in Vindstadt, but no one believes it since there is no such thing as a Porkibera.

  • Doink returns in triumph to the merman city of Sprengen.

  • Khyra begins her apprenticeship with Wild Bill Guisarme of Frosty Marsh.

  • Krofer joins the Iron Fist monastery in Dania.

  • Delkenir begins diplomatic work in Vindstadt.
5780 Malrog Bervyn Secret Service
  • Emgedee dies while trying to crawl out of a sink hole and is possessed by his ancestor Ydegme.

  • Ydegme, Malachi, and Squatting Weasel meet in the woods and investigate a temple ruin near Bervyn. Beneath the temple they discover a temple to the snake god, a poison lake, and a tunnel leading to the undercity of Vindstadt.
5781 Malrog Papa's Rabble
  • Mermen step up raids on merchant shipping near Vindstadt.

  • The wizard of Manticore Keep disappears under mysterious circumstances.

  • Baron Garstil of Manticore Keep locks himself in the keep and sends away all servants.

  • Rackthar the Roundshoulder, Bimro, Yandel Steiner, Vild Kaninchen, Schrechlich, Egan Junglesoul, Moonsie, Elswitch, Ung, and Churlish, also known as the rabble, begin working for Papa Lazano at the Pasta Palace in Lakeview, Vindstadt.

  • The rabble deliver a message from the emperor of Midgrad to the daughter of the previous Duchess of Bervyn.
5782 Malrog Papa's Rabble
  • Working for B. B. Bumble, the rabble fight bugbears, sneak through a magickal waterfall, vanquish gargoyles, and survive a flaming pit to recover a pair of mystical crystal cubes.

  • Papa Ratzano takes over the Pasta Palace. The menu changes to cheese and grain.

  • Storms rage for three weeks straight in Ilnia. The rats are washed away. The Pasta Palace is closed.

  • The rabble spend their time at Gorilla Bob's pub, which caters to dwarves and hawkmen.

  • Papa Lazano returns with no knowledge of recent events. Papa puts the rabble in charge of the restaurant and leaves again. The Pasta Palace menu is returned to normal.

  • Another barbarian fight breaks out at the Pasta Palace, a live moose is delivered, and Egan is transformed into a talking cat.

  • Grog of the Gods, the heavenly brew, is introduced to Vindstadt, for sale only at the Pasta Palace.
5783 Malrog Nanci's March and Rackthar's Victory
  • Dwayne the mad scientist dwarf feeds 100 goblins to the machine of monster making.

  • Qonth evicts all from Manticore Keep except for Dwayne, Rodames, and himself.

  • Nanci, Liarthra, Drek Z'Rek, and Funbar travel west to Myseria, and join the Dragon Fist monastery.

  • Rackthar the barbarian, Bakan the hawkman of the Howling Shoe Kingdom, and Lanorinor Moth Maiden the brownie attempt to rob Mousetower in Vindstadt. Lanorinor is killed by lion guardians. Bakan is ensnared by a gigantic spider and left for dead. Rackthar is seduced by the Wizardess Nettachello and abandons his mission.

  • The Wizardess Nettachello of Mousetower chooses Rackthar as her new consort and protector.
5784 Malrog Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
  • Selma Velis, formerly deceased, Raphaelix the pixie, and a mysterious dark elf ransack a toy shop and acquire the walking armor.

  • Doink the Merman, disguised as Golan Elderberry the Third, and Phroboque Lizard Khan, disguised as Assinthe Baumkocker are sent on a mission for the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce by B.B. Bumble. The Lizard Khan is killed by a spectre in a deserted temple in Tharko. Doink the merman slays the ghost of the Lizard Khan with his own magickal sword. Golan resigns from the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Doink the merman supervises a move of the merman city of Sprengen.
5785 Malrog Blue Beetle
  • Helriq the Templar and Starling Oakenbough of the Blue Beetle Temple secure the aid of the werewolf Baroness Zegandria in their struggle against the empire.
5786 Malrog Wizards and Elgar
  • Elswitch, Starling Oakenbough, Todah Podah, and Thurston Pizzaboy III join forces in the underground Halls of Archane Meandering in Myseria.

  • Wizard King Dorial of Snarl Swamp disappears. Prince Elgar becomes regent in his father's absence.

  • Prince Elgar begins a repressive campaign of "separate but equal" between human and elven races.
5787 Malrog Elgar
  • Happy Acres Internment Camp is opened in Snarl Swamp. Half elves flee.

  • Elgar frees the Army of Thorns.

  • Brandt and Patch are killed by manticores and brought back to life by elven magick.

  • Charlobytes burn down half of the Norvold.
5788 Malrog Vindstadt
  • Rackthar hires Helriq, Patch, and Cherry for a raid on the Undercity and acquire "the most wonderful thing in the world" for the wizardess Nettachello.

  • Patch and Cherry open a brothel in Vindstadt.

  • The wizardess Nettachello, obsessed with "the most wonderful thing in the world, " turns on Rackthar. She has him tortured and thrown into the Pumba River, left for dead.
5789 Malrog Vindstadt
  • An interdimensional rift opens behind the bar at Papa Lazanos. A huge hand reaches through, pulls the bartender in, and throws back a headless body. The talking cat Egan jumps through the portal. Liarthra, Khyra, and Lalsilan enter the rift to retrieve Egan. They are rescued by Rackthar and Patch.
5790 Malrog Monsters in Midgrad
  • Dreg Zarek and Liarthra search for alchemical ingredients in the swamp, find a magickal puzzle box, kill a wizard, and find a chicken-man companion.

  • Starling and Selma Velis are sent by Papa Lazano to a small farming town to protect his investments.

  • Starling and Elroy the dog-boy rescue an informant from a basement beneath the inn in the small town of Auburque.
5776 Gorilla Elvis Squared
  • Sivle the elf and a dwelf companion flee west from the Evil Empire by griffin during a raging storm.

  • Sivle finds the Golden Chariot in a mountain fortress in Pensik. Both Sivle and his companion are killed by the Inquisition.

  • Apotheosis of Sivle in Pensik
5777 Gorilla --
  • The Temple of the Blue Beetle God in Vindstadt is closed down and boarded up.

  • The cult of Sivle is founded. Nonhuman partisans harass the Evil Empire of Nordstrad.

  • Vampires take over Pinerot Shire. Mortals flee.
5779 Gorilla --
  • The merman city of Sprengen is relocated to the north east.

  • Rackthar the northern barbarian discovers that his entire family have been killed by a rival clan. He vows swift and deadly vengeance.
5780 Gorilla Bervyn Secret Service
  • Ydegme, Malachi, and Squatting Weasel save the daughter of the Duchess of Bervyn from an attack by orcs and razor rabbits. They join the Bervyn intelligence force. Ydegme is enamored with the duchess.

  • Ydegme, Malachi, and Squatting Weasel eradicate Chopper Bimler and his gang of thieves.

  • The Duchess of Bervyn is clandestinely poisoned by her court magician Helga. The Duchess' daughter ascends to the throne.

  • Haggis Breath Flame Slayer Lazano is enslaved by the Malrogs of Kragmar.
5781 Gorilla Papa's Rabble
  • Old heroes and Phroboque Lizard Khan train papa's rabble to help restore the rightful Duchess to the throne of Bervyn.

  • The rats return to Vindstadt, and the Ratcatcher's Guild Hall is reopened.

  • Vild Kaninchen discovers the Horn of Calling in the garbage dump behind the Pasta Palace. It disappears soon thereafter.

  • Bob the Big Mad Malrog attempts to manifest his establishment in Vindstadt, but he is quickly thwarted by the Wizards Guild.
5782 Gorilla Elgar's Crew at Papa Lazano's
  • Papa Lazano's basement is secured by Elgar the swamp elf, Brandt Ravenscraft, Tivil the pixie, Drkstarr Damonis the crossdresser, Tybirus Legend of Ix, Patch the thief, and Jaxton the other thief.

  • Elgar, Brandt, Tybirus, Patch, and Drkstarr meet Lady Fiona Ranz in the Traveling Tower.

  • Krofer becomes grand master and assumes control of the Dragon Fist monastery in Myseria.
5783 Gorilla Wizard of Dania
  • Abeezabud the gremlin, Selinos the high elf, Vashti Onion, Flanders Dimetria the weaselman, and Moldank Blackband the goblin almost escape from an evil wizard in Dania.
5784 Gorilla --
  • Hershomish becomes the new Lizard Khan after the death of Phroboque.

  • Doink the merman leads a devastating week long pillage of the lakeshore of Vindstadt. The merman are finally repulsed by a combined effort of the killer gorilla royal guard and a mysterious horde of barbarians.
5785 Gorilla Weird Dimensions
  • Todah Podah returns to Myseria with strange tales of pink landscapes and egg people.
5786 Gorilla Wizards
  • Dwayne the mad scientist dwarf and Rodames the mage succeed in reincarnating Teeba, but find that she is possessed by a daemon.The monster creating machine and pool of wonders are lost when the cave collapses. Dwayne and his humans escape through the magick of Rodames.

  • Starling, Mack the Axe, Zunggh, and Elswitch go on a quest for magickal elixers for Mama Tazano in Myseria. Elswitch explodes when an icky thing jumps down his throat. Dwayne and his humans appear and join the group.

  • An inordinate number of monsters migrate to Ilnia to join the daemon Teeba.
5787 Gorilla --
  • Elgar decrees that his father is deceased, and he takes the title of King Elgar the First.

  • Tinkledüff the pixie regrows her wings.
5788 Gorilla Vindstadt
  • Rackthar reunites with Helriq, Patch, and Cherry in order to seige Squatmouse Tower and exact his revenge on the wizardess Nettachello. "The most wonderful thing in the world" is destroyed. Squatmouse tower burns to the ground. The wizardess Nettachello disappears in the conflagration.
5789 Gorilla Vindstadt
  • Lalsilan and Moldank are hired to retrieve an artifact from the bottom of the lake. They wander around an underwater city. Snarlutzok and Thurston Pizza Boy join them, and they search a moving underwater castle. No artifact is found.

  • Starling Oakenbough and Lalsilan fly a hot air balloon through a blizzard to retrieve the Travelling Scepter from Castle Danzig. They fly back to Vindstadt on the backs of pegasi.

  • A priest of Danzig teleports Starling Oakenbough and Lalsilan into the center of the goblin fortress, to their certain deaths. After much fighting and many lightning bolts, they escape and return to Vindstadt.
5790 Gorilla Monsters in Midgrad
  • Lehim the elf and Liarthra recover a gigantic bronze idol for Papa Lazano.

  • Lehim and Liarthra visit the Travelling Keep and deliver a package for Papa Lazano.

  • Lehim and Liarthra assault the Tower of Lebab in the Badlands.

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