Gods of the House Campaign

Diety Association Archetype Description
Aaargh -- Authority, Ecstacy, Nature, Writing The god of graffiti and ancient scripts, ship figureheads, politics, green fantasies, and gravity, the returner of bad soup
Acko Kobald Common People, War The kobald goddess of the war cry and village defense
Adbydea -- Fortune, Stars The goddess of the morning star
Adeler -- Stars, Travel The god of the north star
Ahl -- Fortune The goddess of poking at things, water receptacles, and sunshine reflecting off of shiny objects
Aigarn -- Trickster, Wealth The god of the swindle, patron of black marketeers, or a patron of the common soldier
Alascensis -- Flowers, Joy, Spring The goddess of sweet smelling perfume, the goddess of springtime flowers
Amplivax Gremlin Language, Trickster The gremlin god of loud noises and ventriloquism
Articular Elf Eloquence The elvish goddess of public speaking and charisma
Artram -- Travel The goddess of squeaky wagons and carriages, enemy of Bonsgog
Atfass -- Food, Luxury, Wealth The god of leisure and rich foods, a patron of the privileged classes
Atix -- Craft, Travel The goddess of the long way around, a patron of public coach drivers, enemy of Wolley, or the goddess of games of logic and skill, the bringer of checkers
Atria -- Autumn, Forest The goddess of the autumn forest
Aygar -- Adventure, Leadership, Lore The god of eternal lecturing, a god of heroism and leadership, a god of adventure
Babumdum Troll Crops, Music The trollish god of farming and outhouses, the great drummer
Badabing -- Authority, Outlaw, Romance The goddess of seduction, daughter of Kapisch, the goddess of bendy straight
Baidadine -- Monster, Trickster The goddess of mass confusion and dead beached fish
Bangtwiddle -- Animal, Love The hamster goddess, sister of Twangbiddle, a love goddess
Barbaras -- Leadership, Mother, Worldly-Power The queen mother goddess of barbarians, patron of tribal leaders
Barka -- Leisure, Dreams The goddess of deep relaxing sleep
Barrid -- Pain The god of metallic voices and needles
Bazal -- Builder The goddess of barn raising
Beetee Beetee Kobald Fool, Suffering The kobald god of subservience, slavery, and comedy, the shiny metal skinned god
Beetlebomb -- Defeat, Horses A god of horses, the god who comes in last
Belvis -- Fool, Innocence The god of ignorance and guttural laughter
Benver -- Eloquence, Luxury, Music The god of the goatee beard, dark clothing, coffee shops, and smoking herbs, a god of kewl
Bill de Bec de Guisarme -- Secrets, War The god of multifaceted polearms, or a secret inner circle of the slayers guild
Biltmoor -- Suffering, Trickster The god of woolen undergarments and unreachable itches
Binney Shilting Hospitality, Wealth The shilting goddess of wealth and sharing
Blambow Dwarf War, Travel The dwarven goddess of artillery and travel, or the patron of circus performers
Blat -- Earth, Fate, Labor The god of mining accidents, the consort of Ingot
Bloogie -- Disease The god of disease and annoying situations
Blort Ogre Food, Luxury The ogre god of rich foods and flatulence
Bonsgog -- Protector, Travel The god of axle grease and safety in travel, enemy of Goggko and Artram
Bonzo -- Worldly-Power The god of monkey projectiles, actors, and politicians, the savior of ambiguous lesbians, a napkin god
Boondoggle -- Suffering The god no one takes seriously, when he manifests everyone ignores him and he gets rather depressed
Brindleldnirb Kaos Monster, Strength A god of kaos, the roundabout god of a thousand arms
Brollup -- Marriage The god of the wedding ceremony
Broonsvik Dwarf Craft, Storms, War The dwarven god of thunderstorms and bowling, a god of anger
Bruk Engida Snakemen Animal, Labor The goddess of snakes, healthy animals, and sorting stones by size, a friend to snakemen
Bumskag -- Monster The god awful
Buplix Shiznit Romance, Pain The shiznit goddess of the whip and romance
Cana Celestial Beauty, Runes A handmaiden of Frogurt, Dana's twin sister, goddess of lesbian lust and runes
Candix Troll Beauty The bubbly trollish cheerleader goddess, and goddess of chewing gum
Cellulon Elf Healing The elvish god of healing, waxed paper, and wrinkly thighs
Cerebella -- Death, knowledge The goddess of herbal poisons, pyrotechnics, and empty containers, a patron of alchemy
Cetakaine -- Healing The goddess of ointments, ungents, salves, and fingernail clippings
Chiselthug -- Animal, Fire, Outlaw The flaming camel headed god of thieves
Crunkle Goblin Arts, Crafts The goblin god of arts and crafts
Curtnajit -- Labor The two-in-one god of fraternal orders of city guards and watchmen
Da'bute Norse Suffering, Travel The norse goddess of travel and tension headaches
Dana Celestial Beauty A handmaiden of Frogurt, Cana's twin brother, god of make-overs
Dapper -- Beauty, Pain The goddess of fringe and leather whips, daughter of Kruther and Panache
Darvin -- Magic, Romance The god of romance between wizards
Dawlick -- Death, Labor The goddess of extermination, patron of rat catchers and bug hunters
Demalar Elf Flowers, Love, Romance The elvish goddess of romance, roses, and crimson clothing
Dertrik -- Enigma The goddess standing on the head of a pin
Destrix Ignome Rulership, Trickster The ignome god of subversion
Devoris -- Death, Healing A death god, a god of healing, the god of bones
Dibble Ignome Food, Hospitality The ignome god of dairy products, sharing, and caring
Diggity -- Animal, Monster A dog god, the patron of hellhounds, or a hot god
Diluta -- Animal, Water The goddess of the pond, the swan goddess
Dongle Pixie Joy, Trickster The pixie goddess of booby traps and practical jokes
Doodoo Shilting Crops The shilting goddess of fertilizer and farming, the scented one
Dooham -- Fate, Nature The green god of the hill landers and exaggerated pessimism
Dorsalis -- Animal Lord of sharks
Drangfuddle -- Enigma The god in a bucket
Dreea Hawkman Moon, Wine The hawkman god of wine, parties, and moonlight
Drek -- Darkness, Founder The daemon god of the undercity
Dremmel -- Smith The god of tools, patron of blacksmiths
Driffit -- Monster, Plants, Suffering The god of carnivorous plants, torturer of the blind
Droogle -- Father, Sea The purple eyed sea god, the lord of the seas, father of Frogurt
Drot Gremlin Crops, Destruction The gremlin god of farming, the blighter of crops
Drungy -- Undead A zombie god
Dymex Celestial Light, Time The goddess of time, sand, and lumpy candles
Edster -- Horses The god of horses and peanut butter
Efelring -- Nature, Flowers The god of wild flowers
Eldon Elf Wine The elvish goddess of beer, the mead hatcher, sister of Elrune
Elrune Dark Elf Food, Leisure, Music The dark elf god of mushrooms, music, and narcotics, brother of Eldon
Enzina -- Suffering, War The goddess of coughing fits and large amazon warriors
Eppalaw Celestial Language, Knowledge The god of the celestial archives, the patron of librarians
Etzel -- Eloquence, Trickster The goddess of steam, the talker who says nothing, the patron of used horse and camel salesmen
Evotz -- Labor The patron of hirelings and other subservient lackeys, the goddess of pickled animal parts
Fandangle -- Outlaw The god of prostitutes and pimps, the sneering one, enemy of Vizkiss
Fideria Goblin Contracts, Wealth The goblin goddess of wealth and commercial investments, the goddess of fine print
Fillips -- Vengeance The god of flat heads
Flap and Flutter Hawkman Joy, War The twin hawkman gods of aerial acrobatics, childhood playfulness, and quick aerial attacks
Flava -- Crops, Nature A nature goddess, the plower of fields and the sower of seeds
Floopedy Celestial Innocence, Purity The goddess of abstinence from sex, younger sister of Smidgedy
Flumox -- Fate The god of getting it completely wrong
Fonebone -- Adventure, Builder, Trickster The god who was here, runs around digging tunnels with treasure and traps
Foom the Woc God -- Transformation The contrary god, the god of crossbreeds
Frezbottum Dwarf Fate, Wine The dwarven god of the last call, a napkin god
Frigidare -- Frost The goddess of snow and ice
Frogurt Celestial Beauty, Leadership The goddess of creamy goodness and spoiled milk, queen of the gods, consort of Smidgedy
Frumpitz Dark Elf Pain The dark elf god of a thousand and one lashes, spiky hair, and narcotics
Frunca Norse Fate The norse goddess of just standing around, the loitering god
Frurder Norse Suffering The norse god of food poisoning and sea sickness
Fumia Killer Gorilla Strength, War The goddess of rage and cigars, mother of Frogurt, she of the raspy voice and gravely throat, a friend to killer gorillas, consort of Kapisch
G'kukote Lizardman Plants, War The lizardman goddess of ambush, bog moss, and swamp weeds
Gaa -- Innocence The goddess of village idiot mouth breathers and infancy
Gackle Hawkman Storms, War The hawkman god of clouds, rain, and the warflock
Gamolah -- Animal, Protector The turtle god, a friend to children
Garsh Ratling Wealth The ratling goddess of dampness and bounty
Gastin -- Wealth, Enigma The god of meditation, fencing, and finance
Gastrion Frogmen Animal, Gluttony The frog god, the patriarch of over eating, a friend to frogmen
Gazortinblatz -- Trickster, Wisdom The jester god
Gelitt -- Seduction, Adventure The god of beards and sharp blades
Ghousia Celestial Food, Suffering The god of cheesy comestibles and afflictions of the skin, half brother of Frogurt
Glurgle -- Labor, Romance The god of plumbers and sex with strangers
Glynt Sailors Mother, Seas The goddess of the seas, consort of Droogle, mother of Nereids
Gnudell Leprechaun Food, Luxury The leprechaun god of fine eating and potato pasta
Gob -- Common People, Food, Labor The goddess of diners and other fast food establishments, the waffle goddess
Godzirra -- Animal, Protector The lizard goddess, a protector of mankind
Goggko -- Fate, Outlaw The arch enemy of Bonsgog, the god of ambush and horse diapers
Goshus Nax -- Victory, War The triangle god, god of victory
Grundge Orc Suffering, Vengeance, War The orcish god of pillage and bad booze, the defiler
Gubbins -- Animal, Trickster The monkey god, god of cleverness, agility, and throwing feces
Gulod -- Protector The patron god of crazy cat ladies, the keeper of the number nine, a napkin god
Gurkle -- Death, Outlaw The goddess of throat slitting, a patron of assassins
Hagbro Troll Builder The god of bridges and bridge building
Hardoc -- Messenger, Orchard, Romance The god of apple growers and frilly underwear, the messenger of Woz
Harskey -- Vengeance, Justice The charioteer god, who's colors are red and white, a god of courage and impulsiveness, a patron of city guards, enemy of narcotics and prostitution, brother of Stutch
Harumph Ogre Fate The ogre goddess of standing around waiting for something to bash with your club
Hedwig -- Fortune, Labor The god of putting things on top of other things and prison escapes
Hoover -- Destruction, Storms, Wind The tornado god
Huwe -- Rainbow The rainbow god, patron of automatons, the expressionless one
Idek Dark Elf Fate The dark elf goddess of procrastination, waiting for messages which will never arrive, and narcotics
Ihlpuck -- Innocence The god of speaking too softly, piddling, and black stretch caps
Indignia Barbarian Suffering, Victory, War The barbarian god of seeing your enemy driven before you
Infusia Barbarian Beauty, War The warrior goddess of beautiful long hair and leggy barbarians
Ingot -- Earth, Labor, Wealth The golden goddess of the mother lode, consort of Blat
Ix -- Death, Healing, Suffering The god of suffering, healing, and minor miracles, the vampire slayer, the god of a thousand and one deaths
Jabod -- Fate The pantheon of the western reaches, just a bunch of deities
Jakeli -- Craft, Death, Purification The god of pickling and shriveling, patron of embalmers
Jarolin -- Love, Plants, Enigma The goddess of love and man-eating plants
Jeejee'Oh -- Craft, Trickster The goddess of puppetry, disguise, and ventriloquism
Jevic -- Eloquence, Vengeance The goddess of the razor wit
Kamar Kecil Shilting Labor The god of muckers and sewers systems, a friend to shiltings
Kangol Kaos Monster, Night The kaos goddess of the eternal night, or a daemon from the black pit
Kanubians Kaos Disease, Monster The kaos god of disease ridden necrobovines, a god of rot
Kapisch -- Knowledge, Outlaw The mafia goddess of knowledge and vague threats, consort of Fumia
Karder -- All-Knowing, Wisdom The watcher god, advisor to the celestial court, previous king of the gods, the god of peanuts
Karunch Orc, Barbarian, Ogre, Dwarf War, Wisdom The orc goddess of catapults and siege warfare, the dwarven goddess of devious traps, the ogre goddess of sneaking up and bashing something with your club, or a barbarian goddess of breakfast grains a
Katowy -- Plants, Protector The god of soft toys, hiding under the bed, and thistles
Keederah -- Dragon, Monster The three headed dragon god, an enslaver of mankind
Keenox Barbarian Nature, Suffering The barbarian god of sunburn, cactus, and things crawling into your boots at night
Khonik -- Seas, Travel A god of the seas, patron of navigators
Khorlox -- Dreams, Purification The goddess of bleached bones
Kimer -- Magic The god of magickal summonings and inflatable goat bladders
Kimski -- Animals, Beauty The goddess of snake posing and animal transformations
Kishanery Gremlin Home, Joy, Trickster The gremlin god of tricks and practical jokes, a household god
Klamath -- Messenger The teal god, herald of Kroix, a napkin god
Klaw -- Debauchery, War The warrior god of drinking, disorder, and cross dressing
Knarl Celestial Smith The god of the forge, patriarch of blacksmiths and armorers
Kokobit -- Animal, Death, Labor The goddess of taxidermy
Konigat Beastman Animal The beastman goddess of familiarity with one's animal side
Kornolyo -- Innocence, Poetry The god of corn, sugar, coffee, and random fits of insanity
Kraa Hawkman War The warrior goddess of the hawk people, the blood feather
Krakor -- Fate, Spirit Guide The goddess of wayward souls
Kramfar Dwarf Fertility The dwarven god of fertility
Kramid Hobgoblin Outlaw, Trickster The god of treachery and deceit, a patron of thieves, the hobgoblin god of backstabbing
Kranbar -- Death, Monster, Travel The thirteen armed goddess of defenestration
Kreen -- Fortune, Travel The god of the diaspora, god of horse saddles
Krevo -- Knowledge, Magic The god of solvents, narcotics, and illicit substances, a patron of alchemy
Kroton -- Night, Stars The god of the evening star
Krumbum Troll, Kaos Food, Sex The trollish god of sex and afternoon snacks, or a kaos god of sex and mass confusion
Krumpy Shiznit Food The cake goddess, the shiznit goddess of plentiful fatty sugary snacks
Kruther -- Beauty, Craft The god of finely cut clothing, patron of tailers, consort of Panache
Kthack Zombie Undead King of the zombies, bearer of the cup of souls
Kubota Barbarian Destruction, Monster The barbarian god of deforestation, enemy of elves
Kuph -- Nature The desert god
Lambast Goblin Suffering, Vengeance The goblin god of insults and foot fungus, he who's mouth is bigger than his head
Lap Shilting Water The shilting goddess of clean drinking water, a friend to cats
Ledu Pixie Joy, Romance The pixie god of the tease and the chase
Lenk -- Beauty, Nature The goddess of grey mists and curly hair, consort of Schmeed
Limpa -- Food, Grain The bread god
Lishka -- Animal The fox goddess
Litgen -- Arts, Forest The god of woodland fungus and paint brushes
Luphagus -- Trickster The god of snuff and invisibility
Luxor Celestial Death, Life, Light, Rebirth The goddess of mummification, celestial light, and rebirth
Lyelow Kobald Hunter, Trickster The kobald god of hunting and playing dead
Macken Tosh -- Food, Trickster, War, Wisdom The chipmunk god, the god of the violent dance, or a god of politeness, an apple god
Madrox -- Fate The god of the hitching post
Magsk Gremlin Fire, Magic The gremlin god of smoke and fire, a patron of magicians
Maivagraf -- Knowledge, Writing The goddess of charts and graphs, black lined parchment, and breasts
Makofitz -- Common People The god of fatherless children and mustaches
Mandragore Hobgoblin Death, Monster The hobgoblin goddess of blood sacrifice
Mandugle Beastman Pain The beastman god of slavery, whips, and chains
Marlo Celestial Beauty, Craft A handmaiden of Frogurt, goddess of wedding gowns
Melanomia Celestial Sun The sun goddess
Mer'Krat Mermen Mother The mother goddess of the mermen, a napkin god
Mezzo -- Food, Outlaw The mobster god of mediocrity and pasta sauces
Mientras -- Fate The god of indecisiveness, or maybe not
Miskey -- Animal, Greed, Ruler The mouse god of coveting small shiny things, according to Miskeyites, the one true god
Moebutt Dwarf Beauty The dwarvish god of bussles and fashion, the high stepper
Mofoto Ratling Animal The ratling goddess of indignity, the rat without a tail
MontanicaŠ -- Nature The goddess of mountains
Moonbuck -- Fate, Food The goddess of expensive bitter beverages and stained clothing
Morok -- Destruction, Nature The earthquake goddess
Mortimer -- Death, Underworld A death god
Murmur Beastmen Animal, Secrets The goddess of small unidentifiable noises, the cat goddess, a friend to felines and beastmen
Naglet Kobald Innocence, Vengeance The kobald god of youth and mean spirited play
Nardar Orc Darkness, Leadership The orcish goddess of darkness, rulership, and narcotics
Nawthrah -- Animal, Protector The moth goddess, spinner of silk, a protector of mankind
Necator -- Flowers The god of flowers
Neemoi Elf Knowledge, Wisdom The elven god of logic
Neglanominor Celestial Death Supreme lord of the dead
Neplotrex -- Fire, Stars The god of shooting stars
Nishell -- Language The goddess of language and communications
Niteram -- Knowledge The god of untying knots, the patron of bearded sages, a hater of broccoli, a napkin god
Norb -- Craft, Leasure This old god, the god of carpentry, masonry, and beer drinking
Nordwacker -- Plants, Labor, Romance The god of gardens, lawn care maintenance, and losing virginity
Notlob -- Deceit, Trickster The god of beast masters and pet shop proprietors, a god of deceit
Nyprow -- Crops, Labor The god of the harvest
Obbulux -- Animal, Crafts The god of cows and cattle, the master of rope, pulleys, block and tackle
Og Borvis Ogre, Troll Food, Knowledge, Luxury The ogre goddess of fresh meat and over eating, or a trollish goddess of scholarly knowledge and fine dining
Optipax Formousi Birth The formousi god of the egg brood
Ourbrac Orc Family, Knowledge, Secrets, Suffering The orcish god of family secrets, or a daemon of regret
Panache -- Beauty The goddess of fashionable clothing and accessories, the well dressed goddess, consort of Kruther
Parkmok -- Labor, Travel The god of paving stones, the road god
Parshal -- Food The goddess of milky beverages
Pasajarose -- Food, Labor, Travel The god of low flying Lusians and rising bread dough, a patron of bakers
Pazuzu -- Wealth The goddess of coins
Podgorney -- Craft, Fortune The god of tailors, kilts, and ineptitude at athletics
Pohie -- Fate The god of sticky disks and unwashed dinnerware
Potash -- Secrets The goddess of strange green glows and green grocers
Prattle -- Authority, Eloquence, Deceit The patron deity of preachers, politicians, and soapboxers
Primeria -- Creator The first god
Prisca -- Builder The goddess of public lighting projects, arch enemy of Fandangle and Vizkiss
Ramsease Celestial Fertility, Sex, Wisdom The goat headed nature god of fertility and protection from fertility and disease
Rava Beastman Suffering The beastman goddess of salivation and hunger
Redigo -- Animal The serpent god
Regalis -- Animal The goddess of lions and tigers
Renokmasiak Lizardman Food The lizardman god of swamp onions and tubers
Retsherd -- Death, Fate The god of sudden death and spinning cubes
Rhinokort -- Fate The god of male sterility
Riffle Shilting Animal, Leisure The god of little round dogs and being pet on the head, the shilting god of sport and play
Riph and Raph Pixie Forest, Innocense, Trickster The twin pixie goddesses of woods, nature, fertility, and mischief
Rockum -- Earth, Labor, Protector The god of soft ores and stringy filaments, a friend of miners
Rogstack -- Trade The goddess of discount merchandice
Ronson -- Fire The goddess of flint and fire
Rumple -- Trickster, Vengeance The ignome god of trickery and revenge
Runko -- Craft, Wealth The god of street venders and strange gadgets, a friend to fishermen
Russle -- Autumn, Craft, Forest The god of the autumn leaves and hair dressers
Sajax Norse Eloquence, Trickster, Wisdom The norse god of pulling things out of one's arse and riddles
Sardonica Celestial Clouds, Fate, Frost, Water The goddess of bubbling brooks, waterfalls, frozen lakes, and icebergs, the goddess of grey clouds and sunless dreary days, or the troubled goddess of pessimism and doubt
Sariak Elf Authority The elven god of snobbery
Satirev Ignome Knowledge The ignome goddess of history, half truths, and hidden knowledge
Sayvin Dark Elf Secrets, Worldly-Power The dark elf god of the hidden light, mental powers, and narcotics
Schatner -- Adventure, Eloquence, Leadership, Romance The charismatic god of sex appeal, leadership, and dramatic pauses
Schibe -- Art, Craft The god of art, a patron to painters
Schmeed -- Divination The god of the other way, a patron of diviners, consort of Lenk
Schmeldor Dwarf Death, Underworld The dwarven god of the dead
Schnazzy Orc Beauty The orc god of fashion, the encrusted one
Schnydler -- Craft The patron of handymen, the god of fixing things broken things
Schploonk Shiznit Fate The shiznit god of defecation, he of the single eyebrow
Sealios Ignome, Celestial Knowledge, Leadership The ignome goddess of rulership, politics, intrigue, and knowledge, advisor to the celestial court of Smidgedy, wearer of the twin peaked hat
Sekor'na Merman Plants, Protector The merman goddess of the kelp beds, the protector of the weak and invalid
Semprini -- Music Goddess of entertainment, patron of singers, dancers, and other entertainers
Serglube -- Vengeance, Water The god of loogies and wet willies, the drooling god
Shemwell -- Gatekeeper The god of the gate, the bane of former mechanicians, enemy of Woz
Sheyal -- Animal, Trickster The jackal god
Shim -- Builder, Smit The god of propping things up, forger of the daemon swords
Shvee -- Joy, Sky The mistress of the bright blue sky
Sivle Elf Vengeance, Sky The elven charioteer of vengeance and war nipple rings
Skarnickel -- Death, War The bone cruncher, she who walks upon the bones of the dead
Skrummy Half Orc Fate The half orc god of just making it through another day, the god of hair oil and glossy sheens
Skutter -- Labor, Vengeance The god of subtly disguised rude comments, a patron of butlers, maids, and other domestics
Slat'Tang'Tin'Bung Mermen War The war god of the mermen
Slurm -- Monster The god of slime, the great icky thing
Smidgedy Celestial Commitment, Father, Romance, Rulership The god of relationships gone bad, king of the gods, consort of Frogurt
Smoov -- Eloquence, Romance The god of "Oh yeah baby, I'll do you like that."
Snagles Brownie Beauty, Fertility The brownie god of fashionable footwear, picnics, and fertility
Snarlcox -- Food, Outlaw The god of brigands, robbers, and citrus fruits, a breakfast god
Snecma Goblin, Celestial Joy, Mother, Vengeance The queen deity of all goblins, goddess of revenge and happiness
Snerd Elf Asceticism, Plants The elven god of moss and fasting, a napkin god
Snoggle Orc Fertility, Sex The orcish goddess of sex and procreation
Sogatuk -- Food, Hospitality The goddess of inn keepers and fudgy confections
Soogy Leprechaun Nature, Rainbow, Sky The leprechaun goddess of the rainbow, grey skies, and wet fields
Spackle Pixie Trickster The pixie god of dropping overly ripe fruit on people
Splint Hobgoblin Healing, Protector, War The goddess protector of beggars and cripples, the hobgoblin goddess of battle wounds and shaman healers
Sploing Brownie Death, Fate, War The brownie god of mass slaughter and pointless death
Splort Leprechaun War The leprechaun goddess of war, the shillelagh whacker
Splurch -- Protector The mud goddess, patron of the mudmen
Spudger -- Healing, Pain The god of dentists and dental hygiene, the spitting god
Stabiloe -- Protector, Seas The goddess of protection from storms at sea and from embarrassing situations
Stank Shiznit Fate The god of body odor
Starker Dark Elf Death, Outlaw The god of the silent death, the dark elf god of stealth, thievery, and narcotics
Stebko Dwarf Food The dwarven goddess of cooking and iron rations
Sterwin Snakemen Animal, Family The god of familial spats and feuds, the protector of snakes and lizards, a friend of snakemen
Stockenbert -- Sea, Travel The god of lobsters and sandels
Stucko -- Home, Labor The god of plaster, stoop sweeping, and inferior home repairs
Stutch -- Vengeance, Justice The blond god, a god of courage and planning, a patron of city guards, enemy of narcotics and prostitution, brother of Harskey
Swabia Barbarian Knowledge, Silence The sagacious goddess of silence, the patron of barbarian librarians
Swaggle Goblin Deceit, War The goblin god of deceit and the war horn
Swish Faerie Mother The mother goddess of all faeries
Tahkay Sailors Seas, Protector, Travel A god of the seas, patron of helmsmen and pilots
Targalis -- Sky, Temple The god of the sky temple
Tave Dommus Norse Animal, Food The beaver god, god of backbacon, donuts, and beer
Teenzie Shilting Fate The shilting goddess of frizzy hair and split ends
Tennex Kaos Monster, Suffering A kaos god, the brain eater
The Moon Beaver -- Fate A savage totem, beware its coming, especially if you are made of wood
The Necrozephyr -- Adventure, Knowledge, Storms The death god of storms, spies, and drug induced trances
The Schlog -- Otherworld, Travel The daemon god of Schlogsport, transcended of the dimensions
The Shadow Lords -- Darkness, Otherworld, Rulership The god rulers of the shadows planes
The Three Sisters -- Healing, Justice, Darkness The goddesses of healing, justice, and darkness
Thorek -- Animal, Labor The god of bristly antenna, refuse, and refuse collectors, the cockroach god
Tickety Boo Norse Luxury The norse god of casual goodness and smoking herbs
Tickety Mal Norse Suffering The norse god of defeat, the dark side of Tickety Boo
Tordrill -- Earth, Labor, Water The god of well digging
Toter Kobald Suffering The kobald goddess of feeling inferior
Tranquilia Celestial Luxury, Peace The goddess of calm, warm baths, and foot rubs, the sweet smelling goddess
Traxle Leprechaun, Dragon Dragon, Sleep, Wealth The god of hoarding wealth, miserliness, leprechaun god of shiny glittery wealth, or the peaceful sleeping dragon
Treng La'Nech Mermen Vengeance, Sea The merman god of vengeance
Trounse Kobald Defeat, War The goddess of defeat on the battlefield, the kobald goddess of war
Tubrinates -- Animals, Debauchery, Plants The twin goddesses of vegetables, twine, birds nests, and lesbian bacchanalia
Tw'ox Orc Animals, Water The orcish god of animal horns and condensation
Twangbiddle -- Death, Fate, Romance The lemming goddess, sister of Bangtwiddle, a love goddess, the goddess of suicide
Twangle -- Animals, Spirit Guide The squirrel god, the collector of souls
Ugleon -- Craft, Romance The god of up one side and down the other
Utu -- Justice The goddess of balance and justice
Vebber -- Fire The god of fire and ash
Venturol Dark Elf Air The dark elf goddess of air, incense, and narcotics
Vertifrax Kaos Deceit, Wealth A daemon of false promises and ill gotten wealth
Vitalich -- Craft, Death, Knowledge The goddess of bodily dismemberment and pungent balms, the patron of vivisectionists
Vizkiss -- Protector The goddess protector of prostitutes, enemy of Fandangle
Vort Ratling Animal, Earth, Labor The ratling goddess of digging deep tunnels
Waddelli -- Food, War The god of turkeys, posturing, violent attacks, and festive meals
Warsh Shilting River The shilting god of streams and bubbly brooks
Wasoho Barbarian Fate The warrior god of overweight barbarians, the god of biogasses
Weedzie Faerie Forest, Plants, Secrets The faerie goddess of forests, mushrooms, and crop circles
Wego Goblin Knowledge, Secrets The goblin goddess of knowledge and not being seen
Werdina -- Fate, Knowledge The god of tying knots, over sleeping, and red headed sages, a napkin god
Wilkner -- Outlaw, Vengeance The suave god of thugs, oiled chains, and hitting things, a god of kewl
Wolley -- Labor, Travel The goddess of rickshaws and inane conversation, enemy of Atix
Woodsie -- Debauchery, Forest The great owl of erotic parties and protector of forests from litter, the giver of hoot
Woopie Shilting Trickster, Sex The shilting god of carnal urges and practical jokes
Woz -- Builder, Knowledge The god of emphatic agreement and engineering genius, patron of artificers and mechanicians
Xen -- Death, Life, Peace, Self-Discipline The god of peacefulness in life and death
Xenox Barbarian War A savage barbarian god of war, the wielder of the flying spinning machetes of death, a warrior manifestation of Xen
Xost Hawkman Mother, Protector The hawkman god of the nest
Xoyk -- Wealth The patron god of money lenders, diamond merchants, furriers, physickers, and barristers, the historical father of Ix
Yathor Celestial Debauchery, Wine The god of unfounded judgement, a son of Smidgedy and Frogurt, bringer of the beer butt bong
Yob Vox -- Death, Outlaw, Undead The goddess of reanimating the dead, a patron of necromancers and grave robbers
Yuffie Shilting Protector, War The shilting war chicken of doom, a friend to farmers
Zick Gremlin Smith The gremlin god of the forge and flick knives
Zotic Gremlin Food, Deceit The gremlin goddess of truth through deceit, or a goddess of tasty beverages

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