Demographics: Places In Vindstadt

Information on the places of interest in the city of Vindstadt, the capital of Ilnia, in the house campaign.

Place Location Residents Description
Arena Western Vindstadt. Arena staff, wild animals, gladiators. Gladiator matches and sporting events.
Barracks of the Knights of Ix Southern Vindstadt Knights and priests of Ix Wealthy temple and barracks
Diedra's Dungeon of Dark Delights Lakeview in Vindstadt Staff, customers, guests Exclusive gentleman's club and brothel
Emporer's Palace On a small island in the Pumba River in central Vindstadt Emporer and family, royal guard, staff, dignitaries Seat of government for Midgrad.
Gorilla Bob's Pub Southern Vindstadt xxxx Caters to barbarians and killer gorillas. Great music.
Great Library of the Phoenix Sages Southern Vindstadt Scholars Largest library in Midgrad. Center for scientific and magickal studies.
Great Market Central Vindstadt Merchants, city guard, customers, thieves Largest market in Midgrad.
Great Temple of Ix Central Vindstadt Priests and acolytes of Ix Wealthy temple, third largest in Vindstadt
Lakeview North eastern Vindstadt xxxx Upscale part of the city.
Papa Lazano's Basement Beneath the Pasta Palace xxx Catacombs of Papa Lazano's secrets, often infested with monsters, tunnel to the Undercity
Papa Lazano's Pasta Palace Lakeview in Vindstadt Papa Lazano, staff, guests Upscale restaurant and bar, specializing in pasta dishes
Pumba River Runs west to east through the center of Vindstadt Mermen, ratlings, giant rats Outlets into the Great Lake. Heavy barge traffic and busy docks.
Sewers Throughout Vindstadt. Ratlings, giant rats, muck monsters, shilting muckers. Both sewage and drainage. Tunnels lead to the Undercity.
Squatmouse Tower Western Vindstadt xxxx Burned and collapsed ruin. Cordonned off by the city guard.
Stars Tower Central Vindstadt. The Wizards Guild. Apprenticehips offerd. Services rendered. Items identified.
Temple of Frogurt Central Vindstadt Priests and acolytes of Frogurt Wealthy temple, largest in Vindstadt
Temple of Smidgedy Central Vindstadt Priests and acolytes of Smidgedy Wealthy temple, second largest in Vindstadt
Temple of the Blue Beetle Western Vindstadt Abandoned Shabby and boarded up.
Ubermeister's Estate Central Vindstadt Ubermeister and family, city guard, staff, dignitaries Seat of government for the city of Vindstadt.
Vild Kaninchen Theater Lakeview in Vindstadt Actors and theater crew Upscale, largest theater in Vindstadt
Vindstadt Docks In the city of Vindstadt, on the Great Lake and Pumba River xxxx Very busy. Many large warehouses. Frequest target of the merman raids.

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