Demographics: Cities and Towns of the World

Information on the major urban centers in the house campaign.

Town Location Population Primary Race Other Races Description Exports Sights Events Customs Famous Food or Drink Sacred Animal Laws Major Dieties Transportation Quality of Life Conditions Standing Army and Guards Ruler Wizards Guild Availability of Magickal Goods Availability of Criminal Goods Availability of Luxury Goods Availability of Weapons and Armor
Blat Myseria 2000 Human Dwarf, Ignome Mining town Copper, gold, iron, tin Monument to the dead Day of rememberance Daily prayer for the dead and buried -- Parakeet -- Blat -- Low Violent 50 Infantry Baron Sedoric Manford -- Not Available Not Available Not Available Low
Boggle's Maze Myseria -- -- -- Mountain labyrinth of mystery -- The mysterious maze -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Bromid Myseria 700 Human Half Elf Town of trappers, hunters, and traders Fur -- -- Trap a trapper championships Roast beaver -- Anything with fur is fair game for trapping -- Dog cart Low Civil 20 Infantry Duke Kowich -- Low Average Low Average
Charade Myseria 300 Human Faerie, elf, dark elf Town of unique magicks Magickal trinkets The museum of lost magicks New years fireworks Everything can be done better with magick Witch's brew stew Cat Curses are legal -- Magick carpet High Urbane 20 Infantry, 20 Magicians Head Wizard Melodeous Presense Average Low Average Low
Cloven Tower Myseria 1000 High Elf, Elf Shilting Island stronghold on the Crystal Lake in Snarl Swamp Books, magickal trinkets The crystal towers Festival of lights -- -- -- -- -- -- Very High Peaceful 20 Infantry, 20 Magicians Eligol the Elder -- Ubiquitous Not Available Average Low
Cuvert Myseria 1000 Human Goblin Town of a hundred barges River trout The fisheries Throw a goblin to the fist day, fish stew contest Everyone has their own fish stew recipe Fish stew -- No fishing without a license Runko River boat Average Busy 50 Infantry Captain Wancreft -- Low Average Average Average
Devit Myseria 1200 Human Shilting Great bridge river crossing town Horses The great bridge Throw all criminals from the bridge day No one is innocent Bird's nest soup Thorough bred horse Horsethieves are put to a painful death -- Horseback Average Civil 50 Infantry Duke Trunkin Presense Average Low Low Low
Diaphanor Myseria 800 Hawkman Sylph City in the clouds Goats, mercenaries The aerie of Norg The feather festival Dual of honor Mile high ale Skycat -- -- Air service Average Tense 50 Infantry Feathered Queen Floom -- Not Available Low Low Average
Dorial City Myseria 12000 Elf Human Capital of Snarl Swamp Spices The great mausoleum The day of dance -- -- -- -- -- -- High Civil 500 Infantry King Dorial -- Average Average Average Average
Dragon Fist Monastary Myseria 1000 Human Many races Xen worshipping marshal arts school Goats -- -- Ascetic -- -- No armor, no weapons, no slaves -- -- Average Civil 100 Infantry Sifu Krofer -- Not Available Not Available Low Low
Feculon Myseria -- -- -- Deserted mountain fortress -- The great wall -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Flogistown Myseria 800 Half orc Ogre Daemon worshipping cult town Fire magicks, imps The fire pit, sacrifice square New years hell feast All must worship the daemon king or die Hell ale Hellhound Obey all commands or die Vertifrax Mountain passes Very low Deadly 100 Infantry Bazoldabrax -- Average High Low High
Four Forks Myseria 300 Human Hobgoblin Last town before the great plains -- Eagle rock -- Distrust all travellers -- Desert snake -- -- Camel Low Peaceful 10 Infantry Lady Felesia -- Low Low Low Low
Gnigmar Myseria 1000 Orc Half orc Evil mountain fortress Mountain rats, mercenaries -- Warg fest The biggest and meanest is always right Roast dog Warg -- Nardar Warg Low Violent 100 Infantry, 50 Cavalry War Chief Kogariz -- Low High Low High
Haunted Bygone Myseria -- -- -- Deserted ruins on a haunted lake -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Idylburg Myseria 500 Human -- Small market town Rugs, dyes The great market pavillion The seasonal day of doing nothing Sit down and rest awhile Pot pie -- Slavery for debters -- Unkept roads Average Slow -- Grand Marketeer Lazeer -- Low Low Low Low
Ipsodden Myseria 900 Human Half elf Boring little town on the highway Carts, carriages, barrels -- -- Fancy carriages are status Cabbage Mastif No driving without a license, death to cart thieves -- Cart, carriage Average Civil 20 Infantry Duchess Nargreeve -- Low Low Average Average
Kaprice Mines Myseria 100 Dwarf Human Mountain mines Gold, silver, copper, iron The mine tour Day of rememberance Safety first -- Canary Pray to Blat before entering the mines Blat Minecar Low Tense 10 Infantry Foreman Lingamore -- Not Available Not Available Not Available Low
Lost City of Dekal Myseria -- -- -- Deserted forest ruins -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Nephar Myseria 600 Goblin Kobold Moderately sedate evil town in the woods Servants -- -- All meat eaten raw -- -- -- Snecma -- Low Desperate 50 Infantry Warlord Flucks Presense Low High Low Average
Pathic Myseria 100 Human Dwarf Town and keep in the middle of nowhere -- -- -- -- -- -- No spitting -- -- Low Beseiged 10 Infantry -- -- Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Pikaroon Myseria 200 Human Half elf, goblin River pirate stronghold Mercenaries Street of pubs Everyone get drunk day Gold jewelry as status Grog Sea dog -- -- Pirate boat Low Violent 50 Infantry Captain Broken Nose -- Not Available High Low Low
Pluk Myseria 5000 Human Shilting Manufacturing town Leather goods, sheep, bows The crystal sphere Wolf hunt -- -- -- -- -- -- Low Urbane 100 Infantry Baron Butbert -- Not Available Low Low Low
Rydel Myseria 1400 Human Dark elf, dwarf Town of thieves and assassins Assassins, thieve's tools Assassins guild house Assassin's open season day No one uses their given names Apple pie Black widow spider Murder is legal Gurkle Palenquin High Subdued 100 Infantry, 50 Assassins Prince Kurrat Presense Average Ubiquitous High Low
Scarp's Fort Myseria 200 Human Dwarf Fortified gate to the mountains -- The great gate Oiling of the gate day -- -- -- Frisk all travellers -- -- Low Tense 50 Infantry Sergeant Thornwistle -- Not Available Not Available Not Available Low
Snubart Myseria 8000 Human Elf The most average of all towns Lumber, tea, mules, chickens The great statue, the school of astrology -- Gypsies welcome -- -- -- -- -- Average Civil 150 Infantry Earl Aranthus Branch Average Average Average Average
Stumpage Myseria 5000 Dwarf Human Underground mining town Gold, platinum, iron, copper, beer The great hall, the bowling alleys Bowling contest, festival of gold Wear gold jewelry Whiskey -- No orcs, trolls, or goblins -- Mountain pass Average Urbane 200 Infantry King Korivan Lisior the Disgusted -- Not Available Low Low High
Sutley Myseria 400 Human Dwarf, Elf A small town between here and there Bog juice Puppet theater The day of strings All wear masks after dark, noon prayer Popcorn -- -- -- Rickshaw High Civil 10 Infantry Duke Farnswith -- Low Not Available Low Low
Tarleach Ruins Myseria 200 Lizardman Beastman Lost ruins in the swamp -- Lost caves -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Toksyn Myseria 400 Human Dark elf Town of a hundred alchemists Potions, poisons The potion testing range -- Eat only one meal a day in secret Almond tea Guinea pig -- Cerebella Mule Average Civil 20 Infantry Guild Master Rutklin Presense High Average Average Low
Umberon Myseria 10000 Dark Elf Shiznit Underground town Mushrooms, narcotics, magickal trinkets Glistening pool, hall of bats Day of revenge Assassination to settle disputes, strict social codes Mushroom wine -- -- -- -- Very high Murderous 50 Infantry, 50 Assassins King Balor Tus Branch Average Ubiquitous Low Low
Wyteweld Myseria 400 Elf Half elf Small walled elf town Wicker, quills The ancestor tree Day of forgetting Must plant two trees for every one cut down Spring salad Squirrel -- Articular Forest paths High Peaceful 50 Archers Woodlord Loberry Presense Average Low Low Low
Zarko Myseria 60000 Human Elf, Dwarf Capital of Myseria Armor, hunting hawks The Great Arch, gladiatorial arena The grand gladiatorial games and festival -- -- Saber toothed cat -- -- River bridge Average Moderate 1200 Infantry King Grulius Ashton Lodge Very High High Average High

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