Demographics: Areas and Places In Ilnia

Information on the places of interest near Vindstadt and other areas of Ilnia in the house campaign.

Place Location Residents Description
Alburque Southern edge of the Skarwood Forest. Farmers, residents Small farming town
Bervyn West of Vindstadt, on the Pumba River City guard, residents Small city. Duchy of Ilnia.
Caves of Lawnoaks Beneath the city of Lawnoaks Witches, giant rats, giant bats, giant wolves The secret base of the Witches of Lawnoaks. Tunnel to the Undercity.
Cottage of Wild Bill Guisarme Frosty Marsh Wild Bill Guisarme, apprentices Small but popular magick school.
Ever Stone Swamp North of Vindstadt. Ratlings, giant rats, wolves, lizardmen Rat infested swamp
Frosty Marsh Deep in the Norvold Forest Giant rats, giant spiders, wolves Dangerous swamp
Manticore Caves Near Manticore Keep Manticores, giant bats, giant spiders Mystical cave network. Tunnel to the Temple of Drek.
Manticore Keep Deep in the Norvold forest. Abandoned. Small derelect tower.
Norvold Forest Northern Ilnia Orcs, Norvold Guard, wolves, giant wolves, bears, manticores Deep, dark, dangerous forest. Contains the road to Sconsia.
Norvold Towers Southern Norvold forest. The Norvold Guard. Seven towers spread evenly from east to west to warn of orc incursions.
Pumba River Northern Ilnia, south of the Norvold forest xxxx Run from western Ilnia to the Great Lake with a smaller northern branch.
Ruins of Dysfunctia Southern Ilnia Ghosts of the ancient residents Ancient ruins. Avoided by the living.
Skarwood Forest Western Ilnia xxxx Heavily forested. Home to a large group of half-elves and a giant.
Slug and Glug Pub Undercity of Vindstadt xxxx Caters to the goblin crowd
Temple to Drek Beneath Manticore Cave Skeletons, wraiths Endless undead guard this hugs underground temple to the lord of the Undercity. Tunnel to the Undercity.
Temple to the Snake God North of Bervyn xxxx Connected to the caves of the Undercity.
Vindstadt North eastern Ilnia, south of the Norvold Forest, on the Great Lake and Pumba River City guard, residents, thieves Large metropolis. Capital of Ilnia and Midgrad. Trade center.
Wandering Keep Changes each time xxx Small tower that travels through the dimensions. Stays put for about a week at a time.
Weasel Keep Deep in the Norvold forest. Weasel beastmen, giant weasels. A large castle complex. Residents are reclusive. General access denied.
Zombie Inn Western Ilnia Liarthra the Dark Elf xxxx

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